Yekateriniskaya sq, 8/10 Katerininska sq, 8/10, Odessa 65026 Ukraine
Yekateriniskaya sq, 8/10 Katerininska sq, 8/10, Odessa 65026 Ukraine
+380 48 796 1007

A unique bar with a very mellow vibe

Bourbon Rock Bar was the first place the publishers visited way back when we first met, to share our love of White Russians perfectly made. Many White Russians later, we're still happily in love and living in Odesa. Very atmospheric, musicians delight. We can't think of Bourbon without smiling.

Beers are served in jam jars (all photos via Facebook)Beers are served in jam jars (all photos via Facebook)

Sometimes the joint is packed full, other times, you have the whole place to yourself. The staff is chill and doesn't push drinks like some annoying places, so you can enjoy your beverage at your own pace. Of course, that annoys some types of customers who want constant attention, but we prefer it this way

Cozy on up to the bar and see what awaits you...Cozy on up to the bar and see what awaits you...

The venue is a long bar with stools and some booths and seating on the front side. A small patio out front is a great place for people watching, the street is one of the main bar and restaurant zones in Odesa city center. The prices are average, and won't break the bank, making it the best place in Odesa to start or finish your party night out on the town.

Bourbon Rock Bar is a great space for a cozy experience, especially on the weekends when the live music starts up, and if you're hungry, the food is what it is, international-style American food, but you're not really gonna go here for the food, its the hooch in a spot-on atmosphere! When the clientele gets well and lubricated, basically is just lots of girls and boys getting crazy and having fun...

There are TVs to catch sports matches, and often there is some local talent performing acoustic music, and it is always really very cool!  If you like rock, and metal music, you will enjoy it, the music they play when there are no performers sets the vibe just right.

At the very rear of the venue, there is a small tattoo studio, if you get inspired (or make an appointment in advance), you can get some ink to make your visit to Odesa even more memorable!

Got ink?Got ink?