Genuezskaya St., 24B Kadorr, Odessa 65000
Genuezskaya St., 24B Kadorr, Odessa 65000
+380 99 903 7438

Le Silpo

Everyone needs to eat, and for those not comfortable haggling at the local street market, you can always pop into the posh grocery shopping experience known as Le Silpo.

The emphasis in the store is on fresh luxury exclusive food that tastes great and is good for health. From the bread, the burrata, and the salami capocollo kraftiar to the exotic fruits and a really awesome pret-a-manger with ready-cooked foods, this elegant place immersed in the Arcadia district is recommended for everyone to taste.

The delicatessen market works on modern high-tech equipment, which makes it possible to achieve the desired taste of dishes of its own production - in particular, in the cooking department. Beef cuts are kept in the dry aging chamber, from which classic "marble" steaks are produced. In the coffee department, green coffee is roasted, and 24 varieties out of 60 presented to have the status of "specialty". 

Here you can also try a line of French desserts of their own production, bird's milk with Belgian chocolate, and confectionery for vegans. There is the production of ice cream and sorbets, marmalade, and marshmallows based on natural fruit puree and our own cheese factory, where fresh mozzarella and burrata are made.

What is it that makes this Odesa grocer so unique? They have a nice restaurant inside where they offer dishes made with the fine produce they sell, at prices that might be pricey for most Ukrainians but by Euro standards, are ridiculously cheap. We went for dinner there back when the store opened, but friends say the quality has declined over the years. Of course, we decided to go recheck for ourselves, but due to the war, it is closed for operations... oh well, drinks another time!

In actuality, the restaurant is but a small part of the wonder of Le Silpo. This shopping experience is posh and popular with local nouveau riches, sporting Chanel and LV bags, always good for a giggle. There is so much to choose from; fresh flowers at the florist, cheeses, and charcuterie from around the world, a large selection of cooked foods you can order by weight, and a fantastic seafood selection, not to mention an oyster bar should you get famished by all the choices and need a break.

They also have their own bakery with fresh bread, rolls and cakes, and treats. Special attention should be paid to the bakery with a wood-fired oven for bread and lavash. The entire collection of Le Silpo bread products — from traditional recipes for baguettes and croissants found in the far corners of Europe to unquestionably healthy innovations: gluten-free products, sourdough, the use of chia seeds and almond flakes — is a treat for all Odesans.

The prices are a tad above what you would pay at a regular Silpo store, but the experience is worth the extra, and the selection is fantastic.

Don't forget to visit the bottle section!

70% of the product range is premium-class products from more than 100 countries: from fresh-frozen Alaskan caviar to dishes and toothpaste. In the market, guests will be able to find a rare oceanic bluefin tuna weighing 200 kilograms and a delicate Canadian Olibs lamb. World famous DOP cheeses and aged Jamon, the widest selection of exotic fruits; Ukrainian specialties: from meat and dairy delicacies made according to ancient recipes to Transcarpathian herbs, jam, and honey from wild bees. A collection of vegetable oils, including 8 "Olive Parker" winners Flos Olei; balsamic aged for 12 years and the hottest sauce in the world (more than 40,000 scovils); beer from 11 of the 12 Trappist monastic orders and a bottle of whiskey worth UAH 1,000,000. Everything you need to impress the next time you host a dinner party at home...