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Multiple Locations Nationwide
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Danish Style you can afford...

If you've moved to Odesa from 'more civilized' parts of the world, and are setting up your new flat, you will quickly realize you can add only so much style to your new homes with purchases from the local 3-Grivnya stores. Sure, that dancing frog ceramic vase looks nice and the color matches the cheap Chinese dishes, but eventually, you'll find yourself craving a little more style for your home than these tiny shops can provide.

So, if you're like most recent arrivals, you'll seek out the local Ikea store, only to find that Ikea shops aren't really in many cities, and for some reason decided to suspend their few stores just because of the war. Well, don't fret. There are these amazing Jysk shops waiting for you.

FYI: It's a matter of debate whether it is pronounced 'jusk' or 'jisk', the local language makes the 'y' a 'u' sound. Since it's a Danish retail chain - the largest Danish retailer operating internationally - I think it is likely 'Jisk' in the Danish style.

These places are a lot like Ikea in many ways, great prices and you put a lot of it together, even though the selection is not as vast. They are famous for their patio furniture selections, should you have one.

Here you can find household goods such as mattresses, furniture, and interior décor, with lots of good deals on stuff for the home and kitchen and bath, as well as the patio and the rest of your house, even the office, from artistic picture frames with hipster quotes, to beds and bedding, arty decor to towels and wall clocks. They have a decent selection of furniture, all with that subtle Scandinavian flair.

Well worth checking out are their seasonal sales, when it's out with the old and in with the new. This is when you'll find really great deals. They have multiple locations in Odesa, the most central one being near the main train station at Fontan Sky Center, the largest being the basement-level store in Panorama Shopping Center.

You can find the one nearest you using their store locator here. Or shop online, because they deliver!

The video below does give you an idea of what you can find at Jysk, but the best way is to get your butt off that cheap plastic stool and go down there!