Zdorovya Track, Odesa, 65000 Ukraine
Zdorovya Track, Odesa, 65000 Ukraine
+38 (050) 040-12-70
Wining & Dining

Santorini Cafe

In summer, there are few places better for a nice relaxing meal than at Santorini...

...here you find a memorable dining experience at almost any time of the day. Located on the walking path from Arkadia to Langeron beach, you'll stroll alongside the sea along the health track, to discover a cafe surrounded by greenery "Santorini". Here is where you can pleasantly sit back, relax with a glass of your favorite wine, and if you want, enjoy some pleasant conversation or just soak in the scenery. The perfect spot for families, friends, romantic dates or just hanging with the in-laws!

In season, they set up a very comfortable lounge area with wooden furniture, a plant-lined terrace, and a picturesque view of the sea that creates a wonderful atmosphere, romantic and light. For cat lovers, there are a few that call Santorini home, and if you're feeling generous, they will always welcome a snack from your plate... And to keep the party going, they often have live music performance, and the hookah master is always ready to service up tasty flavored Turkish smokeables! It's the perfect setting to enjoy cocktails, refreshing lemonade, cool sangria, and a tasty meal.

Nataly and I have been here several times, its well worth the walk to reach, and the food is delicious. On our last visit we had a salad with grilled bell peppers, and zucchini pancakes with salmon, followed up with their grilled pork kebabs, all very delicious... they have an extensive seafood menu, as well as other meats on the grill, but as an advice, I'd say that you're better off not ordering the grilled chicken, it's lacking that flavor that comes from slow cooking, but their pork is always spot on!

The walk there through nature, taking in the breezes, will have your appetite in good order to taste the specialties - for here is the kind of place where you can completely forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. While you can usually get a prime seat on the railings overlooking the sea most times, during peak seasons and hours, it might be wise to make a reservation first, especially with large parties. They also do a really nice breakfast for all you early birds! The address on Google maps says it is French Boulevard 87, but it's actually down by the sea on the health trail (Zdorovya Track), down the hill from the Kadoor Resort Hotel.