2 Locations in Odesa
2 Locations in Odesa
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Wining & Dining

Rebernia (Реберня)

Ribs, ribs, and more ribs.

Another nice import from Lviv, they have two locations in Odesa, one on Deribasovskaya at the historical City Garden park and a newer one overlooking the Black Sea in Arcadia. If you happen to be passing by this establishment you WILL want to go in and taste such popular ribs. In short, you'll probably order a second serving, they are that tasty!

Forget what Trip Advisor says

When they first opened, many of the locals were upset that the Russian language is not spoken by the staff, or that you have to eat with your hands, or you might have one person take your order, another brings the food and a third accepting payment, but you will be glad you ignored those naysayers. Honestly, we cannot understand the naysayers complaining about the concept: You won't have forks and knives, You'll eat with your bare hands on a paper tablecloth. Don't worry, there are sinks to wash your hands, the experience is worth it!

We eat there regularly because the ribs are delicious and freshly made. The seasoning and dipping sauces are just perfect. There's not much in the way of alternatives to ribs, so if you're vegetarian, you might want to try the grilled veggies... or the cucumber and cheese salad which is out of this world tasty for such simple veggies. The draft beers are very cold and go well with whatever meal choice you make.

Great music and a fun dining experience!

We really enjoy the excellent music choices, the trendy art decor and the service is also good. In case you don't speak Ukrainian, many of the staff speak English and will make sure you're taken care of. And it's always a good giggle putting on the bibs :)