Havanna Street 6, Odesa, Ukraine, 65000
Havanna Street 6, Odesa, Ukraine, 65000
+38 (048) 706 6712
Wining & Dining

Beer Garden (Пивной Сад)

Beer in the City Garden, nothing could be better!

Designed in that oak and brass style typical of most German beer gardens, Pivnoy Sad (Beer Garden/Пивной Сад), was actually one of the places that Nataly and I went to on our first dates, so you know the place has a little magic going on. The place is large, featuring its own brewery kit, they make just a couple of different beers, and for me the red beer is fantastic, but I also recall a very delicious wheat beer as well. The food is always very delicious and the service is excellent.

While the interior is very Germanic, the food showcases the best of Odesa-style cooking, with steaks, seafood, and more. But in a nod to the 'fatherland' they have some excellent offerings as well, for example, try the 'German Pan' which consists of large sausage, onion rings, dumplings, and various other German food all served in a metal pan.

They also have the advantage of having a full old-style bar with ably talented barmen to mix you up your favorite cocktails, and it's one of the few places in town you can catch live music for free. The cover band that plays here has some talent, so don't be surprised if you find yourself on the dance floor with the other patrons grooving the night away!

Cheers to our good friend Steve!Cheers to our good friend Steve!

The service here is excellent, they don't ignore you and yet they're not pushy like in American-style restaurants. Its a popular restaurant and typically almost full, so your meal will be leisurely - expect 15 minutes for drink orders and 30 minutes or so for your meal.

In the warmer month, you can enjoy your meal on their large terrace in the shade of the trees in the park while watching the world go by. It is also a great place to catch football matches on the big screens around the place during the season. There's a video below (in Russian) should you want to get a better feel for the place.