Beach @ Arcadia City, Odesa, Ukraine 65000
Beach @ Arcadia City, Odesa, Ukraine 65000
+380 (48) 777 0205

Ibiza Beach Club

Welcome to Odesa's best summer nightlife experience and quite possibly the best club in the world. Bold statement acknowledged, but once you party at Odesa's Ukrainian Ibiza you will also see it rivals many clubs, even the ones located on the famous Island from which the name of this Odesa nightclub borrowed.

It is designed as a gigantic ant hill with white walls, blue slabs, pink doors, high lit tables, neon bars, friendly staff, cute guards, clean toilets, a small aquarium pool, hanging bridges, etc. and entirely outdoors on the beach, this Odesa nightclub boasts numerous bars, seating for over 100, a massive stage, multiple TVs, and one jam-packed dance floor.

Ibiza is located directly in the middle of Odesa's Arcadia City, entirely outdoors and about 100 meters away from the Black Sea. The club resembles a maze full of flat-screen TV sets, lighting and sound plants. People are having fun everywhere - both upstairs and downstairs and you can see the endless sea in the round wall openings of the club. This miracle is located right on the Black Sea coast in the open air. The club is so beautiful that has a touch of pathos about it.

The interiors, while as mentioned are shaped like a massive ant hill, have a very clean look to them, as the walls of the structure are all painted in white. Odesa's Ibiza is home to some of Europe's well-known deejays, who frequently come to Odesa and make their rounds through this wonderful club. Although one does not need to be famous to feel famous at Odesa's Ibiza, you just need to show up with your best dancing shoes!

Hundreds of patrons visit Ibiza nightly, most to do nothing but relax, listen to music, and dance as it provides probably the most perfect setting to do so while in Odesa. Unlike neighboring Itaka, this club plays exclusively house and techno. Drinks are served with enthusiasm and are surprisingly cheap on a global comparison basis.

Ibiza's crowd reflects that of Odesa's general population. It is a big mix of tourists, locals, electronic music enthusiasts, and some of the most beautiful club dancers Odesa and probably the rest of Ukraine has to offer.

(Photo courtesy of Ibiza)(Photo courtesy of Ibiza)

On any given weekend Ibiza will have a dozen or so dancers around the club, hyping up the music and dancing relentlessly. It is a sight not to miss. Many Pop shows take place also in Ibiza; make sure to check their schedule for upcoming acts. Also, make sure to make a reservation for a table in advance and in person, as they are not taken over the phone at this Odesa nightclub.

And in the daytime during the summer months, Ibiza is a popular destination for sunbathers seeking respite from the summer heat, you can rent a chair and lounge (or swim) in any of the multiple swimming pools, or bring the kiddies for the play area and kiddie pool. Not a fan of swimming pools? They rent a beach lounge and umbrella right on the beach itself!


This is our favorite club in Odesa Ukraine and will be yours as well after just one visit. We have numerous Arkadia apartments located only minutes away from this amazing nightclub.