Havanna St, 12, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082
Havanna St, 12, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082
+38 (096) 871 79 07

Drunk Cherry (Piana Vyshnia/П'яна Вишня)

Great tastes of the cherry tree!

Like some tastes of old Lviv, croissants, and chocolates just to name a few, another great example of Ukraine-founded networks is a place with entertainment and atmosphere. Piana Vyshnia (meaning “Drunk Cherry”) is one of those places that spread from Lviv to Kyiv and became popular in Odesa as well.

You'll stand for this...

Like the old school drinking joints throughout pre-war Europe, there are no chairs or stools, just tables, and counters where you can enjoy a quick tipple of a wonderful liquor in the traditional way, on your feet!

All you need, in a bottle or glass

Other than a small snack selection they only offer one thing here; cherry liqueur/wine. It's actually neither – in reality, it's a type of strong liqueur that is actually closer to wine with some cherry compote on the bottom, a really nice finish to your beverage. They sell it cold or hot, in winter, choose the hot variant to warm yourself inside. They also have it to go, so grab a bottle to make it a treat at home!

All year round, almost every evening, there are always people here, and the cozy atmosphere is a great place to chat with folks just the next table over, it's all part of the experience. The atmosphere is absolutely charming, it's the kind of place people stop in to talk with friends as they make the rounds.

In addition to appearances at many of the pop-up festivals, there are a couple of locations in Odesa, on the corner of Havana and Derybasivska Street, an indoor location on the walkthrough Arcadia, and if you find yourself down on the Health Walk, they have a spot right near the entrance to BBQ-rib heaven, Rebernia, another example where Lviv's food culture meets Black Sea living.