Novoshchipnyi Ryad St, 25, Odesa, Odes'ka oblast, 65000
Novoshchipnyi Ryad St, 25, Odesa, Odes'ka oblast, 65000
+380 48 722 55 89

The Odesa Zoo

A great day out with the family.

If you have your kids in tow, or you really just love animals, then the Odesa Zoo is the place for you! Lots of animals (over 1,600 of 243 types) from all over the world await you in a fun environment that really inspires and entertains.

A long and storied history...

The first mention of the Odesa Zoo was way back in 1889 on the city's 100th anniversary when a draft of the plan was first created. interrupted by World War I and the Ukrainian War of Independence, the building of the zoo on Prymorskyi Boulevard did not begin until 1922. That means the Odesa Zoo is now celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2022, with a grand reopening even though a war is raging.

The animals thrive here

Odesa Zoo is the only place in Ukraine, where Indian elephants have been successfully bred. This zoo is not only the center of the conservation and breeding of wild animals but particular attention is paid to environmental education for young people. The zoo regularly conducts environmental events for children and school staff, and an annual visit is part of most schools' agendas.

Odessa's Zoo is uniquely located in the absolute center of the city, right next to the famous Privoz Market and just a short walk away from the main train station. Animal collection is quite extensive for Ukraine, with over 200 different animals. A separate section of the zoo is home to its wide variety of birds as well as an exhibition of wild insects, the aqua-terrarium which requires a second ticket but is well worth it. The premises contain a large cafe which even has outdoor seating close to the animals during the summer. The zoo is open year-round, due to martial law, the zoo ticket office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Viewing until 6:00 p.m).

The cost of tickets to the zoo Adult - UAH 100. Children's (5-14 years old) - UAH 50. The cost of tickets to the aqua-terrarium Adult - UAH 50. Children's (5-14 years old) - UAH 30. Children under 5 are free.