Autumn, the Magic Season in Odesa...

Is it worth it to leave Golden Autumn for another country where there is not a single hint of its magical beauty? 

A time when nature shed her summer colors...

This is the time of the year, which is not always associated with a dull mood caused by the end of a vacation (in Ukraine or abroad), cooling, and an increase in precipitation. Autumn on Odesa is beautiful in its own way, and it is not for nothing that many artists, poets, and composers sang about this wonderful time in their works.

From the moment that photography "learned" to convey colors thanks to the efforts of talented inventors, photographers have joined the numerous army of artists celebrating autumn. Autumn in front of the camera lens - what could be more wonderful? 

A pleasant, slightly cool breeze blows over your hair, and the sun continues, despite the change of seasons, to direct its playful rays into your eyes. You, almost without looking, click the shutter of the camera - and now, in front of you is a finished autumn picture. From which, it seems, even in the room comes the same combination of breeze and sunlight.

Odesans bring autumn into their houses in different ways. For many, it is enough to collect autumn leaves - red, yellow, and the remaining few green ones, looking at you from everywhere, as if the signals of hundreds of gigantic, bizarrely shaped traffic lights are chaotically mixed with each other. Now you need to dry the leaves and make a composition out of them. From now on, Golden Autumn will settle in your room forever and will delight you with its bright colors all year round.

And autumn is also the time when the number of tourists reduces. It is understandable - during this period there are almost no holidays, and no one goes anywhere. But now you managed to persuade the stern boss to transfer your vacation to autumn. Now is the time to explore the parks and nature walks of Odesa.

(Photo by Zagranyasha)(Photo by Zagranyasha)

For some in Autumn, the first thoughts in their heads are hot weather resorts. Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, and Egypt vied with each other calling you to their place. But is it worth it to leave Golden Autumn for a country where there is not a single hint of its magical beauty? And no Autumn in Odesa is complete without a bouquet of colorful leaves;

And a completely different matter - Odesa. Here at this time of the year, you will get the perfect combination of real, almost Nordic autumn beauty with the opportunity, like in any other resort, to swim in the sea should you desire, or just wander the shores of the autumn the Black Sea which shares its seasonal moods all year long.